About FaithQuest Missions

Faithquest ImageFaithQuest Missions is a faith-based nonprofit organization. Our goal is to build bridges of love and connection between individuals/churches within the U.S. and impoverished communities in Africa and around the world.  We are committed to mobilizing the church to put their faith into action and fully transform the lives of the extremely poor.

FaithQuest’s work with it’s “Y-Malawi?” project the last few years has connected more than 25 churches with villages in Malawi. This has resulted in World Vision sponsorship of over 6,000 needy children, installation of 52 new water wells which replaced consumption of water from contaminated ponds and mud holes, as well as construction of 5 new schools, and many other projects. This sharing of God’s love in the most tangible ways is something TeamFaithQuest seeks to advance!

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