The 2016 Big Ring is on May 7, 2016!

Be sure to check out our different Registration Options below to see which is best for you: Champion, Warrior or BRC Rider.

Super Squad Volunteers Needed!

Without you and other mighty men and woman of valor , the Big Ring would be impossible, leading to tears and wailing heard throughout the land, and we simply can’t have that!

Why We Ride

We ride to fight hunger and poverty in our local community as well as Malawi Africa! Plain and simple, this is a fundraising to bring help and hope to those in need in our local community and around the world!

BRC Rider

You’re out to have an amazing time enjoying the beautiful Orange County sights and sounds. You will receive a BRC Event Jersey with your registration. You won’t be fundraising.”

Be a Champion

Champions are apart of an elite group of fundraisers who participate in the Big Ring Century. They’re the Delta Force in the fight against hunger & poverty. They’ve given hunger a swift kick in the, um… rear! Yeah, rear! What did you think we were going to say?

Be a Warrior

As a Warrior, you’ve decided to personally invest your hard-earned coinage to put the smack down on hunger & poverty! You’ll be recognized for your awesomeness by wearing your Full Kit on the day of the ride. That’s right, you’ll get a BRC Full Kit.



Why We Ride

We ride in support of FaithQuest Missions. FaithQuest’s projects provide community-wide, sustainable development in the areas of water and food security, healthcare, education, evangelism & discipleship, youth programs, and economic development, including micro-finance. Find out more about FaithQuest Missions. Please watch the video below which shows a powerful video example of FaithQuest’s work with it’s Y-Malawi Project: