Freedom Run

Freedom Run: Ragnar SoCal

What is it?

The Ragnar Relay Series is an ever-growing craze throughout the nation! 200 Miles, 12 Runners. Non-Stop. There are 36 legs throughout the race, and the twelve runners each take 3. They progress toward the finish line through passing off a snap-bracelet at each leg transition. The team of 12 breaks off into two vans of 6, so that there is some time for food and rest. While one van is driving from transition to transition, cheering on their runners, the other van speeds ahead and waits for their turn. Spread out over 3 legs, each runner will run anywhere between 12-22 miles total. Depending on speed, the race takes anywhere from 24-36 hours. People dress up, vans get decked out, people get a little wacky from sleep depravation—and it is an ABSOLUTE BLAST!

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What Team FaithQuest Does

Although we are branching out into other race regions, Team FaithQuest’s largest presence is in the Ragnar SoCal Relay from San Diego to Huntington Beach. Team FaithQuest uses the Ragnar Relay as an excellent platform to support global missions projects! FaithQuest Missions pays all race expenses for teams, yet, each participant commits to raise at least $1,200 for the cause by Race Day. Most raise the funds via personal friends and family, through creating a fundraising page on our partner fundraising site, As the race approaches, Team FaithQuest trains together and helps each other with the fundraising. Come the big day, we get schnazzy in our venom green Team FaithQuest jerseys (which are topic of conversation, for sure!) and make some great memories while accomplishing something remarkable! We laugh and we celebrate together! We’d love to have you!