New Registration Options

Below are brief descriptions of our rider options! We are dedicated to an awesome event and experience for all, and this is a fundraiser. No ones gets paid and 100% of net proceeds go to the cause. The suggested donation is $300, and minimum suggested donation is $100. We want to unite in an all-out fight against hunger and starvation of war-torn children, so let’s all dig deep, have a blast, and roll on this together!

BRC Rider – You’re out to have an amazing time enjoying the beautiful Orange County sights and sounds. Century riders (100 or 62 miles) will receive a Big Ring Commemorative Jersey with your registration. Your donation dollars are appreciated and supports the cause, but you are not choosing to do more than a suggested minimum donation or any fundraising this time.

Champion – Champions make up the core of the Big Ring event. As a Champion, you’ve decided to personally invest your hard-earned coinage to put the smack down on hunger for war-torn children!  You are loudly saying, I want to donate more than $1oo for this event, I want to donate $300 because that is just how I roll! As a small thanks for your awesomeness, we will upgrade you to a full Big Ring kit for the day of the ride.

Warrior – Warriors are the Delta Force in the fight against hunger for war-torn children. They’ve given hunger and despair a swift kick in the, um… rear! Yeah, rear! What did you thinking we were going to say? Those who use our cool crowdfunding tools to raise $1,000 or more become Warriors. They are committed to doing everything they can to end hunger for war-torn children and are truly the backbone of our fundraising efforts!

We will have 4 Support vehicles stocked with tubes, water, food, medical supplies! Water stops stocked with sports drinks, Bars, sandwiches and fruit! Turn by turn direction, signs and course arrows. Stay found, fed, and hydrated!


Registration will open when date is set!