Q: How far do I have to run?

A: 200 Miles, of course. 😉 Oh—as an individual? Anywhere from 12-22 Miles spread into 3 separate legs. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, but you should be able to consistently run 5-6 miles in one session. If you can do that, you are good to go!

Q: People aren’t donating to my page, what’s should I do?

A: Don’t panic. First, call your team leader and ask for help. They can provide you the personal advice based on your page. In examining your fundraising strategy, there are three keys to effective fundraising. (1) Make it personal. You want to make sure that every element of your fundraising is as personal as possible. That means that your page reflects you, your invites show your character, and you are specifically following up with people one-on-one. (2) Approach it from a variety of different angles. Face-to-face appeals will ALWAYS be best, but the reality is you can’t talk to everybody—so engage people on multiple platforms (Emails, Calls, Facebook, Twitter, business cards, etc.). (3) Believe in your goal. If you aim at nothing, you hit it every time. Believing that your goal is possible will give you drive to get it done, whatever it takes. Don’t give up! You can do it!

Q: How do I know what Team I’m on/What legs I am running?

A: You can find this information out by going to and logging in to your account. It will tell you. If you don’t see yourself assigned to a runner slot, that most likely means your captain hasn’t placed you yet—they will soon. You can call them if you have any problems.

Q: What happens if I don’t raise the $1,200?

A: FaithQuest has factored that each runner costs them about $250. (Registration, vans, food, jersey, time, etc.) They make that investment, joyfully, trusting that Team FaithQuest runners will in return magnify that investment for the cause of caring for needy communities around the world. Raising money for the cause is the main priority of our teams, therefore Team FaithQuest expects strong, focused efforts toward fundraising from its runners. If a runner genuinely puts in this effort and still doesn’t reach the $1,200 goal, they surely will still be received well by the team and be welcome to run.

Q: What happens if I get hurt/sick on the race course?

A: Each van should, hopefully, have a 7th “back-up” runner in case of this very thing. In most instances, the back-up is the driver, but could also be an extra passenger supplying there is space. If, for some reason, there are no back-ups, then another team member will be required to jump out and run for them. Now that is a TRUE friend!


Q: Where will the start/finish be located and what time will the race begin on the June 23rd?

A: The ride will start and end at the Crossline Community Church’s beautiful 40 acre campus located at 23331 Moulton Parkway Laguna Hills, CA 92653 (Near the corner of Moulton and Lake Forest Ave.). ALL RIDES LEAVE AT 7:00 AM.

Q: Is this event for racers or recreational riders?

A: The ride is purely recreational but fun even for advanced riders. Whether you are riding to win in your category or just trying to hit a new PR, there is an exciting challenge for everyone, not to mention a great experience on some of the most scenic rides in the country.

Q: Is it a mass start?

A: All rides will leave as a mass start at 7:00AM. Do your best but remember the meal will end at 3pm so make sure to keep cranking!

Q: Will everyone receive a jersey?

A: The century and metric century riders will receive an event jersey.
What if I have a mechanical problem or get hurt?
Mechanical assistance is provided at the rest stops as well as enroute. Look for our marked cars, they’ll help you along the course. To avoid delays in service, we recommend you carry spare tubes, a patch kit and pump.

Q: Is there food at the SAG stops?

A: Yes, each stop will be fully stocked with energizing food, fruit, water, and gatorade!

Q: How many SAG stops will there be and where will they be located?

A: Each route will have a SAG stop approximately every twenty miles. Click on the route page to see exactly where the stops are located along each of the routes.